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our team

We span industry, experience level, background, and vision.
Put together, we're able to implement an array of strategies that when tied together has resulted in larger than anticipated success.

We pride ourselves on the range of experience chicago 3 point 0 includes. While our silent partners bring even more technical and entrepreneurial knowledge to the table at some of the most recognizable organizations in the world, their involvement and guidance is given without the recognition they deserve.

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Britton Iverson
Organizational Architect

The founder of chicago 3 point 0 and its c3p0 marketing arm. An investor, entrepreneur, and finance veteran. In addition to his success in running $1.5B+ teams during his finance tenure, he has successfully deployed innovative job roles, origination and sales strategies, and tech-aided real estate and manufacturing business models.

Mar headshot.jpg

Mariel Iverson
Support Architect

The nurturing infrastructure, having led hospitality teams of up to 60 for nearly a decade. Delighting Fortune 100 leadership by coordinating events up to 500 while still managing her own real estate renovation, restoration, and rental business means her skill set is made for juggling projects. Work ethic aside, our kindhearted leader.


John Steele
Operational Architect

A leader with two decades of experience managing multi-disciplinary work units directed against complex, time-sensitive projects – blending innovative solutions with emerging tech. With a background in business and technology, John understands the importance of exploring DeFi, NFTs, and cryptocurrency ideas for real-world utility.

Jim headshot.jpg

Jim Aralis
Financial Architect

The entrepreneurial advisor of the group. 20+ years experience running a traditional business model, growing employees 150% and revenue over 300% during his tenure. Through organic business growth and strategic land acquisition, was able to exit the entity by way of a record sale in one of Chicago's most prestigious neighborhoods.


Lindsay Weglarz
Design Architect

Brings 15 years of specializing in acquisition marketing program management and strategy. Direct mail, email, and omnichannel marketing experience ranging from boutique non-profit organizations to Fortune 100 firms. A creator at heart, operates as an independent artist and has for the last decade in tandem to her corporate resume.

Cam headshot.png

Cameron Iverson
Technical Architect

A versatile IT component, his background includes social media training and development, front and back end web development, and data analytics for decision making within VC. Mentored by a business owner of 40 years in addition to a Fortune 100 executive, his passion remains with the inner workings of a successful organization.

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